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Pages 4-11: Retro/Vintage

Our Retro theme is reminiscent of an authentic vintage style Christmas focusing mostly on the 1950’s and 60’s with a

timeless touch of nostalgia…yet this interpretation is fresh and modern.

Pages 12-19: Elf Magic

Pages 20-29: Candied Christmas

Crafted to delight, to be delectable and irresistible, the sublime morsels are silky, sinful, sugar coated shapes with rich

brown chocolate coating, marzipan and truffles. The heavenly bites melt in your mouth as the drops of white powder

stick to your lips. Divinely decadent sugar plum fairies.

Pages 30-41: Winter Garden

Winter Garden conjures up a sophistication of the juxtaposition between natural succulents and blazing metallic hues.

Stark differences create a unique and breathtakingly lush environment. color mint hints at a new beginning.

Pages 42-51

: Vintage Traditions

Christmas is in our hearts. It feels warm and glowy. It’s evident when we unpack our decorations from years past and

play Christmas music. People are kind, generous and nicer to each other at Christmas. For this theme, the traditional bur-

gundy color evokes a vintage Christmas past, while the color mint hints at a new beginning.

Pages 52-69: Ice Palace

Gleaming blue and white walls 3 ft. thick surround a castle like structure made of blocks of


which range from pure

white to amethyst and aquamarine. The thick crusted branches of ice laden trees hang heavily and the icicles glisten and

sparkle through the white landscape. Animals poking their noses through the snow are barely recognizable.

Pages 70-77: Christmas at the Club

A treasure trove of jet-setting luxury echoing an extravagant country club lifestyle. From evening gowns and tails to

cashmere and leather, this is the time for well spiked egg nog poured into crystal goblets. Everything Traditional Christ-

mas can also be found in this theme.

Pages 78-91: Holy Night

The awe of reverence the season holds is created through skillful implementation of metallic colors which form a beauti-

ful template. This template depicts the magical majesty of the Holy Nativity and the church.

Pages 92-93: Carolers

Pages 94-123: Natural Frost

The phenomena of the natural world collectively including woodland animals, landscape and other products of the earth

are still starkly offset by the forces and processes that produce crystalized ice and snow. Nature is untouched and unin-


Pages 124-133: Country Farmhouse

The country farmhouse is a wonderful place to make family memories at Christmas. It becomes a family tradition, an en-

joyable event, with visions of warmth and hominess for the entire family, Primitive and rustic crafts are combined with

reclaimed elements.

Pages 134-151: Elegant Lodge

Whether jet-setting in the Swiss Alps or going on a Bavarian Forest holiday, this theme features rustic elegance which

creates a gracious grandeur.

Pages 152-155: Peacock

During the holiest of seasons we celebrate the Christian adoption of the old Persian and Babylonian symbolism that the

majestic peacock is associated with Paradise and the Tree of Life.

Pages 156-162: Seashore

The seashore brings to mind beaches with sand, shingle and rock cliffs, coastal lagoons and sparkling blue waters. The

variety of shells cling to the sand while more than 200 species of fish can be spotted in the waves.

Page 163: Door mats

Pages 164-169: Outdoor

Pages 170-177: Picks

Pages 178-181: Tree Skirts, Stockings, Runners

Pages 182-190: Ribbons

Pages 191-195: Lights

Pages 196-211: Vacuum Plated

Pages 212-223: Harvest